Vegetable Seeds Vision Counter


Henning Saint vegetable seeds vision counter adopts high-speed CCD image technology, which can accurately count vegetable seeds such as pepper seeds, tomato seeds and flower seeds. It can work with the packaging machine to achieve low-cost and high-efficiency production.

Working principle of vision counters:

HS-VB60 vegetable seeds vision counters with high-speed industrial line array camera, when the material falls through the camera recognition area, the line array camera through high-speed scanning, accurately capture the material falling attitude, shape and other information, and upload to the processing center, through the processing center powerful algorithm real-time analysis and processing, accurate calculation of the number of materials to achieve real-time counting function.

Advantage Features:

1. High accuracy of counting

• High speed array camera can realize continuous uninterrupted scanning imaging, accurate identification count.
• Advanced large capacity FPGA processing and control system, response time at 1 nanosecond.
• Optimized algorithm software effectively identifies overlapping objects and micro impurity.
• intelligent feeding system to ensure the subcontracting accuracy.
• Insensitive to dust.

2. High efficiency of counting

• Using large track instead of narrow track to scan falling objects greatly improves the counting efficiency.
• Increase cache storage room to improve efficiency.

3. Patented self-learning technology can achieve to count different objects easily

Through the learning mode,the data of various falling posture of the materials are automatically obtained,and the accuracy of the parameters is checked by the verification mode. If there is an error, the parameters can be fine-adjusted manually.

4. One button clearing function

It has the function of one key cleaning the tailings without worrying about material mixing, which improves the speed of replacing materials.

5. Connectable to ERP system

The ERP information cascade, label information and local log can be sent to the information system.

6. All packaging number has no negative error,exceed the package can enter the return system

Eliminate the occurrence of customer complaints caused by less material reasons, beyond the value set,the machine can automatically identify and fall to finished conveyor belt, the belt reverses to discharge the excess bag.

7. Intelligent detection alarm

Foreign bodies, lack of material, abnormal packaging machine will issue an alarm prompt.

Technical Parameters:

Model No.: HS-VB60
Power(kW): 0.4KW
Voltage(V): 220(50Hz)
Dimension(L*W*H,mm): 580×420×739
Weight(kg): 60
Air Pressure(MPa): 0.6-0.8
Material Dimension: Ø1-5mm
Counting efficiency: Ø3mm,1000pcs, 3 bags/min
Counting Accuracy(%): >99.9%,no negative deviation

Model No.: HS-VB60S
Power(kW): 0.5KW
Voltage(V): 220(50Hz)
Dimension(L*W*H,mm): 620×600×739
Weight(kg): 90
Air Pressure(MPa): 0.6-0.8
Material Dimension: Ø1-5mm
Counting efficiency: Ø3mm,1000pcs, 6 bags/min
Counting Accuracy(%): >99.9%,no negative deviation


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