Soft Close Hinge Inner Arm Spring And Endbuckle Automatic Assembly Machine

Cabinet Hinge Full Automatic Assembly Machine
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This equipment is specially designed for the assembly of hinge inner arm spring and endbuckle. The equipment requires the assembly of dump strip, tail payment and spring, covering the tail buckle and fixing the spring and bending the tail. The output can reach 2000-2500 per hour.

Using man-machine interface display operation, operation information is clear, man-machine engineering is high operation is simple, using Mitsubishi PLC control, make the machine performance improvement and stability, so that the user can improve the production efficiency and production quality, and can reduce the production cost.

Machine specifications and basic parameters:

1. Size of the machine: 1900mm long, 1200mm wide 1700mm high
2. Complete machine weight: 500 KG
3. Rated power: 2KW
4. Rated voltage: AC220 single-phase
5. Rated current: 10A
6. Rated air pressure: 4 ~ 6 KG / CM2
7. Applicable products: 85QQ
8. Capacity of 10 hours: 20000 ~ 32000 pcs
9. Operator: 1 person