Cabinet Hinge Auto Assembly Machine

Cabinet Hinge Full Automatic Assembly Machine
Country of origin

Product details

The machine is disigned and manufactured for cabinet hinge production, it can general use in fixed soft close cabinet hinge, clip on cabinet hinge and 3D soft close cabinet hinge, three different model.

Usage: Suitable for fully automatic of furniture cabinet hinge
Design standard: Non-standard design manufacturing according to product structure requirement.
Working principle: Segmentation device disk positioning assembly mode, all accssories being load by vibration disk automatically. Three machine from a linear automatic assembly line, which is controlled by Mit-subishi PLC to improve and stabilized the machine performance, so that the user can highly improve production efficiency and production quality, and reduce production cost. The machine capacity of 10 hours can reach 12,000 pcs.

Main equipment configuration list:

Configuration: Brand
Air cylinder: Taiwan AirTAC
Slicer: China ZXB
PLC: Japan Mit-subishi
Riverting: China origin
Servo motor: Taiwan Delta
Slide: Taiwan HIWIN
Stepper motor:
Cylinder induction line: Taiwan AirTAC
Touch screen: WEINVIEW
Feeder: China origin
Air pressure gauge: Taiwan AirTAC
Frequency converter: Japan Mit-subishi
Oil pump: China origin
Magnetic valve: Taiwan AirTAC