HF Mobile Digital C-arm System (Flat Panel Detector) PLX 7100A

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Features & Benefits:

Core Advantages:
• Wide range of clinical applications
• Intervention-specific functions
• High-quality image chain
• Lower radiation dose
• Easy Installation
• Flexible operation

Wide range of clinical applications Multi-departmental surgeries:
Interventional Department:
PLX7100A is widely used in clinical applications and is suitable for interventional operations in various departments.
• Gynecology
• Oncology
• Orthopedics
• Hepatobiliary Surgery
• Intervention/Respiratory
• Gastroenterology

Versatile functions designed for intervention:
• Adjustable SID: The FPD can be lifted in a wide range to flexibly adjust SID and be close to the examination area for clearer fluoroscopic images.
• High-pressure injector interface:When fluoroscopy is started, the high-pressure injector automatically injects the contrast agent, which simplifies the doctor’s workflow and obtains high-quality angiography
images in a short time.
• DSA: DSA is used to clearly visualize blood vessels in a
bony or dense soft tissue environment. Images are produced using contrast medium by subtracting a “pre-contrast image” or mask image from subsequent images, once the contrast medium has been introduced into a structure.
• Specific bedside controller: The bedside controller enables common operations such as motion control, exposure parameter adjustment, image viewing and saving to be done beside the operating table.

High-quality image chains Ultra-clear images:
• 12-inch dynamic FPD: Large dynamic FPD with smaller pixel size, ensuring distortionless imaging; Wider FOV, avoiding overlapping and omissions, reducing exposure time and radiation dose, and shortening the operation time.
• Stable high-voltage generator:The maximum output power, as high as 25kW;
Effectively satisfying the imaging requirements of obese patients or thick parts of high-density tissues;
Fully meeting the needs of high-power instantaneous exposure in digital radiography, especially suitable for peripheral intervention and comprehensive intervention.

Mobile design without modifying operating rooms:
• Meeting the surgical needs of about 80% large DSA equipment
• Small footprint compared with large DSA equipment
• Low operating costs without renovation and decoration of operating rooms
• Instant surgery share with flexible movement
• Convenient operation with plug-and-play
• Easy Installation: The operating room does not need to be modified and install ground rails and hangers, reducing the initial construction cost of intervention department.
• Mobile design: The equipment can be freely moved to any operating room, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the equipment.
• Small footprint: The equipment covers an area of only about 2 m2, saving the operating room space to place other equipment, which is convenient for the construction of a composite operating room.

Reduce radiation dose Care for health of doctors and patients:
Intelligent pulse contr:
• Intelligently adjusting the pulse width.
• Increasing the instantaneous X-ray dose.
• Improving the image quality of each frame.
• Extended working time, more than 3 times of continuous perspective under the same X-ray conditions.
Intelligent dose control:
• Accurately adjusting exposure dose according to different body types and body parts
• Achieving clear images with low radiation dose in various surgeries
Removable grid:
• Specialized for pediatrics
• Removing the grid to reduce radiation absorption
Collimator preview
• Previewing the effective exposure field of view by observing the screen
• Avoiding multiple exposures
• Reducing the radiation damage to medical staff and patients

Smart design to optimize the operation:
• Bedside controllor, Easier and more efficient operation
• Doctors can control the equipment in any direction of the operating bed through the touch screen of the bedside controller, avoiding direct contact with the equipment to destroy the sterile environment.
• Doctors can adjust the height, horizontal position of the equipment and fluoroscopic angles anytime and anywhere according to the needs of surgeries.
• Clinical positioning is quickly completed and lesions can be captured from multiple angles.
• DSA control
• Roadmap, landmark setting
• Image adjustment
• Movement control

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