Size 1 Camel Hair Round Artist Brush

Camel Hair Round Brushes
Gordon Brush
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United States

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United States

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This round camel hair artist's brush is a great all-purpose brush for detail and touch-up work. Ideal for use in the home, schools or industrial applications. This versatile brush has a round brush shape, nickel-plated ferrule and a lacquered wood handle. This size 1 brush has a 3/8" trim, 0.078" diameter and an overall length of 7". Camel hair is ideal for use with watercolors, tempera and oil-based paints. Please note that handle colors may vary.


Trim Type: Round
Size: 1
Brush Diameter : 0.078"
Fill Material: Camel Hair
Trim: 3/8"
Overall Length: 7"
Handle Material: Wood
ESD Category: Anti-Static