HCM9672 Endoscope Light Source 100W

High Power Led Light
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This 100W endoscope light source is the most common intensity model on the market, widely used in all kinds of endoscope and microscope applications, yet it could not replace 120W for deep surgery.


• Led power: 100W
• Input power: Wide range from 100-240V/AC; 50/60 Hz, so you use it in any country on this small planet
• Intensity: it is the most common intensity model on the market
• Color temperature: 5600K, CRI 70 and 90
• Led life: it could last 60000 hours max, 120times of xenon, so you do not need to replace the bulb for years. Note: the above life hour is based on ideal lab test
• Connector: Customized connector, it accepts fiber light guides with active areas ranging from 3 mm to 10 mm diameter
• Does not emit light in UV or IR
• It saves energy for more than 50%
• Environmentally friendly
• Friendly design, easy operation