Straight Iron Stairs

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Application: Villa, Residential or commercial building
Design Style: Straight iron stairs
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: WilliamArchi
Stair Material: Metal steel
Stair Step: Metal treads
Stair Fence: Glass/ Metal Fence customize
Handrail: stainless steel, metal,wood, PVC
Size: Customize

Metal staircase factory produce straight iron stairs with vertical post railing fence:

WilliamArchi create an amazing elegant, modern,high quality straight iron stairs. You can customize straight staircase according to your requirement for your building project with my professional stair manufacturer. Please see details information of option parts of straight staircase for your reference.

Double Stringer straight iron stairs Information:

The modern and contemporary look is the hallmark of the WilliamArchi straight iron stairs. It is a versatile stair that can be used in residential or commercial applications, as well as in fire escape channel staircase for exterior stair projects.
Height of straight staircase based on your job site.
The staircase width normally is between 800mm to 2000mm(31-1/2“ to 78").
Dimensions will vary according to measurements of stairs.
Straight staircase consists of staircase beam, treads, railing fence, handrails.

Features of straight iron stairs:

A wide range of choices: there are a variety of materials available for custom straight stairs. Commonly used materials are metal, wood, glass, stone and composite materials.
Building codes: Some homeowners believe that straight stairs may not be an ideal choice because they may not comply with the specified building codes. The straight stringer stairs customized by williamarchi will be made according to the local building regulations.
Easier to assemble stairs: another major advantage of cantilever stairs is that they can be assembled more easily. Different from the traditional stairs, these stairs are composed of temporary treads, which can be installed at the required position for easy access, while the rest of the construction can be carried out at the same time.

Double Keel or Staircase beam:

Normally use metal tube, double U keel or double plate beam as stringer. The staircase stringer have two side. Which means a double straight staircase need at least two pcs of beam to make it's stringer system.

Stringer/Beam Model: double tube stringer,U shape stringer, plate stringer,
Materail: carben steel,304ss, 316ss,316Lss
Double Tube Stringer: 120*120*6mmX2pcs, 150*150*6mmX2pcs
U Slot Beam: 300*5mm+300*5mm, 300*6mm+300*6mm available.
Plate Beam Size: 300*12mm for two side
Surface Treatment: galvanized + printing for carben steel, satin or mirror finish for stainless steel.
Package: pp bag or paper box.

Double Stringer Straight Staircase Tread:

Customers can choose customize stair steps according to your favorite style.

Tread Type: wooden, glass, stone, carben steel, stainless steel  304/316/316L  available.
Tread Width: Based on staircase width. Designed by WilliamArchi.
Wood Tread: Thicknee(plate: 30/40/50mm. box : 82mm or 92mm). Printing surface
Glass Tread: 12+1.52+12mm or 10+1.52+10+1.52+10mm laminated tempered glass
Stone Tread Thickness: Thickness: 20mm, 30mm.  Surface: anti-slip slot.
Carben Steel Tread: Thickness: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm. Surface: anti-slip pattern, hollow frame
Stainless Steel Tread: Thickness: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm. Surface: anti-slip pattern, hollow frame
Package: pp bag with plywood box.

Double Stringer Straight Staircase Tread Support:

Tread Support: plate support, frame support, tube support, angle iron flange,
Material: carben steel,304ss, 316ss,316Lss
Size: custom made size.
Surface Treatment: galvanized + printing for carben steel, satin or mirror finish for stainless steel.

Railing Fence For Double Stringer Straight Staircase:

WilliamArchi can design matel glass railing, U channel glass railing, standoff glass railing, spigot glass railing, rod railing, cable railing , wrought iron fence , aluminum glass railing on straight staircase.

Railing Fence Height: 914.4mm(36"), 1067mm(42"), 1200mm(47-1/4")
Materails Availble: glass, carben steel , stainless steel.
Baluster Finish: Satin/Mirror finish/Powder coated
Baluster: Dia38mm/42mm/50mm or 40*40mm/50*50mm square post
Baluster thicnkess: 1.0mm/1.2mm/1.5mm
Standoff: Dia38mm/42mm/50mm or 40*40mm/50*50mm square standoff
Spigot: Dia 42mm/50mm or 40*40mm/50*50mm square spigot
Package: pp bag with plywood box.

Railing Handrail FOR Double Stringer Straight Staircase:

Handrail Type: round, squre, tube-bar or rectangle steel handrail
Materails Availble: carben steel,304ss, 316ss,316Lss,aluminum, wood, PVC
Round Size: Dia 25/42.4/50.8/60mm.   Longth customize
Square Size: 30*30/40*40/50*50/60*60mm.  Longth customize
Tube-bar plate: 30*10/40*20/50*20/60*20mm.   Longth customize
Rectangle Steel: 25*30*2mm, 30*30*2mm.    Longth customize
Finish: Satin or mirror for stainless steel, printing for carben steel and wood, powder coating for aluminum and carben steel.
Handrail Installation Type: On-top, Side mount(customized)
Package: pp bag with plywood box.

WilliamArchi Services:

Williamarchi focuses on the design and manufacture of high-quality straight iron stairs and hardware structure staircase products. The company develops and produces double beam straight stairs, customized staircase, Double Beam Straight Staircase, Mono Stringer Staircase, Floating Staircase, Curved Staircase, Spiral Stairs Staircase. We also provide a full range of stair railings, stair steps, stair handrails, stair beam and stair hardware accessories for stairs. Welcome to contact my company for buy WA-SDS1002 New design straight stairs l shape interior steel wood stairs.


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