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Category Addition Silicone (Platinum Catalyst)
Brand DC Silicone
Model DC-T40
Country of origin China

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Shenzhen Zhihua Chemical Co Ltd
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Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Model Number: DC-T40
Color: CLEAR
Product name: DC-T40Addition Cure Silicone Rubber
Appearance: Sticky Liquid
Hardness: 40 Shore A
Product Keywords: Silicone rubber statue molds
Supply Ability: 6 Ton/Tons per Day
Packaging Details: 5kg; 20kg; 25kg and 200kg
Port: Any port
Lead Time: 3 days after we confirm your payment in our bank

Room temperature silicone for gypsum mold making:


Room temperature silicone for gypsum mold making is a kind of two part silicone rubber in addition cure or platinum cure type with mixing ratio of 1: 1 or 10: 1. It can be cures at room temperature as well as under heat. It's a kind of food grade silicone which has got the United States FDA certification. And mainly used for mold making.


DC-T40 Silicone Rubber is minly used for making molds of concrete stone, GRC, polyurethane products ; wax, candle decoration; rapid prototyping and tire molds; chocolate, candy and similar products’ molding.

Model: DC-T40
Color: High Transparen
Mixing ratio (%): 1: 1 or 10: 1
Pot life (mins, under 25℃): 30-40
Curing time: (3-5hrs under 25℃); (20-30 mins under 60℃)
Hardness  (Shore A): 40± 2
Tensile- strength  (MPa): > 4.8
Tear- strength (kN/m): > 15
Viscosity (After A/B mixed, mPa.s): 25000± 5000
Shrinkage rate (%): < 0.1%
Elongation (%): > 400%

Shelf life:

12 months when stored under 25°C in original unopened packages.

Packaging & Shipping:

1: 1 mix ratio: 20KG/drum + 20KG/drum with vacuum packing
1. 10: 1 mix ratio: 20KG/drum +1KG/drum with vacuum packing

Techinical Support:

Normally, different silicone should be choosed according to different product's features, for example:

• For products size (within 20cm),
with intricate disigns, soft silicone is suitable, such as 10-20 shore A.

• For products size (20cm-80cm),
with intricate designs, 20-25 shore A is suitable.
with simple designs, 25-30 shore A is suitable.

• For products size (80cm-150cm),
with intricate designs, 25 shore A is suitable.
with simple designs, 30-35 shore A is suitable.

• For products size (more than 150cm),
with intricate designs, 25-28 shore a A is suitable.
with simple designs, 35-40 shore A is suitable.


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