Skid-Mounted Medical Waste Disinfection Equipment MDU-10BS

Skid-Mounted Medical Waste Disinfection Equipment
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MDU-type medical waste microwave disinfection equipment is used for the harmless disposal of medical waste. The scope of disposal is medical waste that is classified as infectious, traumatic, and pathological waste (except for human limbs and organs). It can also be used in epidemics When dealing with sick and dead poultry.

MDU-10B is an integration system including feeding, shredding, disinfection, discharging, and exhaust dedusting systems.

600kg/h treatment capacity, or 6000l/h, based on an average density of medicalwaste at 0.1kg/l ~0.15kg/l.

It can service well to cities with 3 million of people, you can coose it if you are a institute providing medical waste collection and central treatment to local hospitals, clinics, etc. with any other healthcare center for cities or regions with a population about 3 million.


Equipment Model No.: MDU-10BS
Treatment Capacity: 1200kg/h
Dimensions (L W H): 11500mm*2720mm*3200mm
Overall weight: 13500kg
Required space (L W H): 15000mm 5000mm5600mm
Installed Power: 180KW (108KW steam generator included)


The infectious material is temporarily held in a waste container(s) which in turn, are emptied into an pre storage hopper via a charging system which is located at the front of the MDU, The infectious waste is fed to the shredding system by a feed arm where it is shredded. The shredded material is conveyed through a microwave section and temperature holding section, respectively for disinfection, with microwave of 2450MHz (±50MHz), temperature ≥95℃, with over 45minutes. The disinfected and unrecognizable (sharps) waste is then discharged into large waste containers (or compaction units) by the discharging screw conveyor. From there the material can be transported to a local municipal landfill for disposal or to a refuse recycling plant.

What did the Microwave Disinfection Unit (MDU) do to bacterias?

How is the Microwave Disinfection Unit (MDU) disinfecting by microwave?

Microwave disinfection is the result of microwave thermal effect and biological effect, which can make microwave energy and bacteria directly interact, rapid sterilization.

The thermal effect of microwave energy: Under certain intensity microwave field, the bacteria will be due to the absorption of polarized molecules can increase the temperature of microwave, so that the protein deformation, loss of biological activity. The thermal effect of microwave mainly plays the role of rapid temperature sterilization.

Non-thermal effects of microwave energy: High-frequency electric fields change the polarized molecular structure, resulting in the loss of vitality or death of proteins and physiologically active substances in the microbes, and the special effects of conventional physical sterilization in the sterilization.

Applicable Range:

• Blood and Blood Products
• Dialysis Waste
• Animal Tissues, Body Parts, and Carcasses
• Human Tissues, Body Parts, and Limbs
• Biological and Non-Hazardous Pharmaceutical
• Needles, Syringes, and other Sharps
• Research Waste
• Laboratory Specimens
• Surgery Waste
• Pathology and Histology Samples
• Aids and Hepatitis Waste
• Isolation Waste
• Cultures and Slides
• Intravenous Bags, Blood Bags, and Associated Tubing
• Animal Bedding
• Packaging Materials
• Gloves, and Gowns Associated with Waste Collection
• Trace Chemotherapy/anti- neo plastic waste

Technical Characteristics:

MDU series products are designed as an automatic operation system with minimal operator operations, with the following characteristics:

Energy Saving: Microwave heating is uniform, no energy loss, high energy, strong penetration into the object, instantaneous penetration into the object, good energy-saving effect, take the model with a daily processing capacity of 5T/d as an example, installed power Only 117 kilowatts.

Efficient Energy: The temperature of action is low, and the heat loss is slow: If microwave and ordinary heating produce the same amount of disinfection, the temperature of the object will be significantly lower than that of ordinary heating. The waste after microwave disinfection is non-toxic, without residue, and lightly damaged.

Absolute Sterilization And Disinfection: Microwave can effectively sterilize all materials on all organisms with no select. It has a broad spectrum of disinfection bacteria and can kill various microorganisms and pathogens.

Spatial Convenience: Microwave disinfection requires a small working environment and small area, does not cause high temperature to the surrounding environment, and is clean and hygienic.

Environmental Friendly: No acid gas and dioxins and other pollutants are produced.

Equipment Advantages:

• The equipment has a high degree of automation, and only one person is required to operate a complete set of equipment, saving labor costs.

• The medical waste treatment method is flexible. When there is medical waste to be processed at any time, the equipment can be turned off after the treatment is completed, which minimizes energy loss and personnel wages and saves treatment costs.

• Low energy consumption, the whole set of equipment only needs electric drive, taking 5t per day as an example, the total installed power is only 117 kilowatts.

• There are two types of microwave disinfection equipment: fixed and mobile.