PCB Board Vibration Test Bench

Vibration Shaker and Simulated Transportation Tester
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A PCB vibration test bench is designed to simulate the vibrations that a PCB might experience during its operation. The test bench typically consists of a base plate, on which the PCB is mounted, and a vibration generator that produces vibrations of different frequencies and amplitudes. The vibration generator can be either an electrodynamic shaker like our models type ES-3.

A Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is a vital component in many electronic devices. PCBs are designed to withstand various environmental conditions, including vibration. PCB vibration test benches are used to test the durability and reliability of PCBs in these environments.

During the test, the PCB is subjected to a series of vibration cycles of different frequencies and amplitudes. The vibration is applied in different directions, including vertical, horizontal, and rotational directions, to simulate real-world scenarios. The vibration generator is typically controlled by a computer system that can adjust the amplitude and frequency of the vibration.