E21 Hydraulic Shearing Machine With Front Feeding Device


Guillotine Shearing machine main features:

• German Siemens Motor can be optional
• France Schneider electric can be optional
• USA Sunny oil pump is optional
• Material pressure cylinder, to ensure you without oil leak trouble
• The oil cylinder is with mirror finished, also to reduce oil leak trouble

• CNC controller
• Easily adjustable with scale
• Blade gap setting system for precise cutting
• Movable controller arm
• Roller bearings on the table to help feeding sheets to the machine easily
• Welded monoblock heavy steel frame using rigid structural steel produced with modern manufactured methods
• Automatic, CNC controlled motorized back gauge 1000 mm range (stroke) with ball shaft and guide system
• Programmable backgauge, with retract and swing up features for longer sheets
• Prevents scratching of the sheet with ball on the table
• Sheet hold down cylinders to protect sheet parts when cutting process
• Cylinders, processed as precise from solid full material and made honed
• Pistons, processed from forged steel, hardened, grinded and chrome-coated.

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