Two Level Puzzle Parking System

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Equipment features: the lifting and horizontal moving stereo garage has various forms, and the scale can be large or small. It has strong adaptability to the site and can effectively save land and space. It can be used for the construction of three-dimensional garage in office, living quarters and the expansion of existing basement plane parking garage. The equipment can be modular combination to adapt to different terrain and space. The product has wide practicability and can meet the requirements of most customers.

Working principle: the equipment uses the loading plate to lift or move horizontally to access the vehicle. Each parking space has a car loading plate, the upper one is only used for lifting operation, while the ground floor is only for lateral movement. There is a space left on the ground floor, which can be changed from left to right with the lateral movement of the vehicle loading plate, so that the upper vehicle loading plate corresponding to the lower vacant space can be lowered to the ground, so that the vehicle can drive into or out of the parking space. For the lower deck, vehicles can drive directly into or out of the parking space.

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