Parking Lift
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This type is used for parking pick-up trucks and equivalent vehicles. With the unique tire protect side beam design, the driver doesn’t need to worry about running off the platform by mistake anymore. In the center of the platform, 3 pieces plastic oil drip tray or full wave plates or full steel plates are optional. The user can easily take them off and turn the lift from a parking lift into a service lift instantly.


• For dependent parking
• Classic platform designed with 2 runways
• 3600kg lifting capacity for heavy vehicles
• Ground car height: 1800mm or 2100mm
• Wide drive-through
• Hidden single hydraulic cylinder
• Safety locks engage automatically with steel ladder
• Automatic lock release
• Protective device against loosening and breaking of steel rope
• Control panel & power pack can be relocated
• Low wear, proven hydraulic technology
• Surface treatment: powder coating


Model: FPP-1.8 | FPP-1.9 | FPP-2.0 | FPP-2.1
Lifting capacity: 2700kg | 2700kg | 2700kg | 2700kg
Lifting height: 1800mm | 1900mm | 2000mm | 2100mm
Useful platform width: 1954mm
Lift width: 2666mm
Car capacity: SUV
Power pack: 2.2KW
Power supply: 110V-450V,50/60HZ,1/3PH
Operation mode: Key Switch OR Manual
Operation voltage: 24V OR Manual
Lock release: 10 stages lock position, weld blocks on posts.
Lifting time: 55S
Treatment: Powder coating standard, hot galvanized optional