Two Post Car Lift
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High speed fully automatic CNC lathe is used for processing oil cylinder components to ensure excellent concentricity and smoothness, and the cylinder barrel is rolled with mirror surface. Fully imported seals, manual lowering, safe and simple operation. Precise laser cutting technology, accurate size, smooth cut and high finish. Double oil cylinders are directly driven to ensure stable lifting. Shot blasting surface treatment and high temperature spraying treatment to ensure durability. The cable oil pipes completely concealed, and the appearance is beautiful and generous. The two steel cables are linked synchronously to force the two sliding platforms to move synchronously effectively preventing the vehicle from tilting. The bracket locking mechanism is equipped with widened gear block, which can effectively prevent the bracket from slipping.


Lifting capacity: 4000kg
Total height: 2780mm
Pass width: 2770mm
Total width: 3370mm
Max. lifting height: 1850mm
Min. lifting height 110mm
Lifting time: 50s
Decline time: 30s
Machine weight: 580kg
Power supply: 2.2kw,220v/1ph,380v,3ph