Earth Rod & Fittings

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Copper bonded grounding rod / earth rod:
“ACE” copper bonded earth rod are made from low carbon Steel. Earth Rods are molecularly bonded with 99.9% pure electrolytic copper.
Salient Features:
• Perfectly Bonded rod will last longer, drive easier and will not crack.
• Corrosion resistance while providing the lowest resistance to ground.
• Threads are rolled by roll threading process, which ensures that an even copper covering is maintained, even at the roof of the thread. Roll thread gives greater strength than cut thread.
• Thread rolling process raises the surface of the rod, so that thread dia (T) is greater than shank dia. (S).

Driving stud:
Material - High Tensile Steel
These are used to drive the Earth Rod to the Ground. Re-usable many times suitable for Power Hammering.

Material - Copper Alloy
Coupler are made from copper alloy & counter bored to completely enclose threads, protecting them from damage & corrosion.

Solid copper rod:
ACE” solid copper earth rod are made from 99.9% pure electrolytic copper. Solid Copper rods offer greater resistance to corrosion.
They are ideally used in applications where soil conditions are very aggressive. for eg. soil with high salt content.

Mechanically copper claded grounding rod:
Mechanically copper claded grounding rod is made when electrolytic grade 99.9% copper tube with wall thickness of 0.25 (250 microns) is claded to a low carbon steel rod. Even if the rod is bent by 450, the copper tube should not peel out of the Steel rod.

Galvanised steel earth rod:
Galvanised Steel Earth Rods are made up of high Strength low carbon steel and hot dip galvanized. This design of the rod is actually cost effective option for earthing.


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