GM-60T/H Turning Center “Turret with Live Tools” CNC Lathe

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CNC lathe turning machine center is designed and developed for complex and high precision parts. It has the advantages of compact structure, powerful function, high machining precision positioning and preservation technology. Spindle is equipped with servo motor, repeated positioning accuracy ±0.003mm. Suitable power tools can be used for complex machining, engraving, drilling and threading, open software interface, accept standard g codes and a variety of CAM software input processing instructions.

1. The structure design of strong pertinency, mainly used for disk class, shaft class, set of class processing.

2. High rigidity, small thermal deformation, low temperature rise of the main shaft, small vibration, large cutting torque, can adapt to strong cutting.

3. The spindle adopts three-point structure, stable transmission and strength can realize a variety of grooving, drilling, reaming, reaming and boring processing.

4. The key CNC system of CNC turning machine lathe, spindle bearing, ball screw and other famous brands at home and abroad, so that the machine tool has high reliability.

5. CNC lathe turning machine tool processing workpiece consistency is good, can stably reach IT6 ~ IT7 precision, machining surface roughness can reach Ra1.6um.

6. Adopt modular design, can provide a variety of configurations according to user requirements.

7. The machine tool adopts mechanical and electrical integration design, the overall layout is compact and reasonable, convenient and pleasant operation, easy maintenance.

Refer to Power Requirements:

Power correspondence: 55~90A, 220V, 60Hz, 3Φ, 25kW

Refer to Pressure Requirements:

Pressure source pressure: 5~7bar
Set pressure: 5bar
Ambient temperature: 0~45℃
Relative humidity: <90%RH
Air supply: 380l/min