Brush Series Pendant - Decorative Lighting

Available from MaiizenTurkey


It's a human instinct to take every chance to leave a mark on this lonely planet. Be it a great painting on the ceiling of a chapel made by Michelangelo or a piece of cake that you made for your soul mate. Take the first example; every brushstroke on the canvas (or whatever the medium is) is clean and deliberate, yet so instantaneous and accidental. You never know where the next brushstroke will touch but you're still as sure as you're standing here that the results will be marvelous.

On Brush series, combining with the color white and the transparency of the glass, the light becomes so soft and spontaneous. With its simple and elegant form, Brush will be your own piece of art hanging on the wall.

As painter J.M.William Turner once said, "Light is color."

Color your life with Brush.

Designed by: Ceren G├╝rkan
Year: 2016
Type: Pendant
Material: Hand blown glass
Dimensions: Dia 14cm x H 20cm / Dia 17cm x H 25cm / Dia 25cm x H 28cm
Weight: 0,80 - 3,0 kg
Light source: E27 max 75W


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