Air transportation - We offer competitive advantages to our customers with air freight services

Logistics Services

Product description

Air transportation is an ideal way to make international shipments quickly, safely and efficiently. As Mark Global Logistics, we offer competitive advantages to our customers with air freight services. Air freight is especially preferred for urgent shipments and provides fast delivery to any point in the world.

Our expert staff is well acquainted with the requirements and procedures specific to air transportation and offers our customers the most suitable routes and cost-effective solutions. We meticulously manage all processes such as insurance and storage. With air freight, we offer our customers fast deliveries, on-time tracking and low-risk logistics solutions.

Our Airline Services:

• Scheduled Services
• Priority Flight Facilities
• Pre/post Transport Organizations
• Warehouse and Storage Solutions
• Customs Clearance and Insurance
• Combined Air & Sea / Train Transportation
• Our Additional Services

Regular Partial Services:

• Door to Door Delivery
• Export Service
• Customs Clearance Service
• Storage Service
• Insurance Service