JLAMD220 Amphibious Dredger


Julong amphibious multifunctional dredger,including amphibious type and amphibious with crawler type, mainly applied for shallow waters, lakes, rivers, canals, ponds and basinscapital dredging.

It is equipped with replaceable working units such as excavating bucket, dredge pump, water weed cutter, collecting rake and T-type cutter, which can complete the operation like excavating, harvesting, mud suction & discharge, and weeds & garbage cleaning etc.

We build customized amphibious dredger which is most suitable,efficient and sustainable and for your project, with our experience and knowledge, we will always find the best choice for you.

Technical Specifications:

JLAMD260 Amphibious Multifunctional Dredger
Transport Dimensions(L×W×H): 11.0mx3.4m×3.0m
Transport Weight: 22 tons
Supporting Arms: 2 pieces
Engine Power: 269kw
Optional Working Units: Cutter Pump,Excavating Bucket,Collecting Rake,Mowing Bucket,T-Cutter,Piler Driver etc.

Feature & Advantage:

• Strong marine steel construction
• Hydraulic track driven through hydraulic motors.
• Front crane arm ready for many attachments.
• Optimal configuration of power requirements and hydraulic unit (less operating costs)
• Low ground pressure and good clearance on terrain, marches and swamps during on-land drives
• Shallow vessel draft with low center of gravity for safe on-water maneuvering
• High working range and wide swing radius of the hydraulic crane arm, ready for many attachments
• Operating controls conveniently placed and adjustable to suit operator’s seat position

Service & Warranty:

As a innovative enterprise we have large investment in our global service system, thus we have many service setup in different countries, we will give prompt support if there is something wrong with your dredger. And for standard deal we offer 12 months warranty and service with free spare parts, which would confirm you could get prompt support. Even after warranty expires we can offer you service and support with most basic charge. We are not targeting to only sell you dredgers, we prefer to be your business partner and offer you one-stop dredging solution.


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