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Julong jet suction dredger include one high pressure water pump and one sand pump. The high pressure water pump impinges the water through the high pressure water gun to bottom sediment layer, and the sediment splatters around the suction head, pumped by the sand suction pump through the suction pipe to the designated position. That water spray processing and pump suction process will complete the entire dredging process. This type dredger is widely applied for dredging projects locates in reservoirs, artifificial lakes, rivers, ports and sand mining projects.

We design and build customized jet suction dredger which is most suitable,efficient and sustainable and for your project, with our experience and knowledge, we will always find the best choice for you.


Our jet suction dredger is mainly applied in sand dredging with soft fand sand, it can work with high capacity for the sand dredging project. The continuous dredging production of our dredgers make them a reliable solution for your requirement, and become most ideal for your dredging job.

Service & Warranty:

As a innovative enterprise we have large investment in our global service system, thus we have many service setup in different countries, we will give prompt support if there is something wrong with your dredger. And for standard deal we offer 12 months warranty and service with free spare parts, which would confirm you could get prompt support. Even after warranty expires we can offer you service and support with most basic charge. We are not targeting to only sell you dredgers, we prefer to be your business partner and offer you one-stop dredging solution.

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