1.5 ton XE15U Mini Excavator

Hydraulic Crawler Excavator
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$23,000-$25,000 / EA

1 Unit / EA (Min. Order)

XCMG's new-generation "U-series" small-sized tailless excavators are flexible, efficient, reliable and durable.

With strong power, the excavators are efficient and energy-saving.

The new-generation hydraulic components are more efficient and more reliable, and have high control precision, strong digging force, and excellent operational efficiency.

The "boom deflection" function cooperates with the tailless rotating design and perfectly adapts to operations in limited space.

The “chassis extension and retraction" function improves the vehicle's traffic ability. Concealed working pipes can be efficiently protected.

The rear hood can be opened in an integrate way, which is convenient to maintain.


Operating weight: 1795 Kg
Bucket capacity: 0.04 m³
Model: D782-E3B
Model: -CBH-1
Direct injection: √
Four strokes: √
Water cooling: √
Turbo-charging: ×
Air to air intercooler:
No. of cylinders: 3
Output power: 9.8/2300 kw/rpm
torque/speed: 44.5/1800 N.m
Displacement: 0.778 L
Travel speed(H/L): 4.3/2.2 km/h
Main performance: Rotating speed: 9.5 r/min
Gradeability: 30°
Ground pressure: 28.5 kPa
Bucket digging force: 16 kN
Arm crowd force: 10 kN
Maximum traction: 15.6 kN
Main pump:
Hydraulic system: Rated flow of main pump: L/min | 56.8
Pressure of prime valve: 22 MPa
Pressure of travel system: 22 MPa
Pressure of swing system: 11 MPa
Pressure of pilot system: 3.9 MPa
Oil Capacity:
Fuel tank capacity: 18 L
Hydraulic tank capacity: 17 L
Hydraulic tank capacity: Engine oil capacity: 3.8 L
Hydraulic tank capacity: Overall length: 3560 mm
Appearance size: Overall width: 1240 mm
Overall height: 2348 mm
Width of platform: 990 mm
Length of crawler:
Overall width of chassis: 990/1240 mm
Width of crawler: 230 mm
Track length on ground: 1270 mm
Crawler gauge: 760/1010 mm
Clearance under counterweight: 450 mm
Min. ground clearance: 145 mm
Min. tail swing radius: 620 mm
Height of track:
Max. digging height: 3475 mm
Working scope:
Max. dumping height: 2415 mm
Max. digging depth: 2290 mm
Max. vertical wall digging depth: 1750 mm
Max. digging reach: 3900 mm
Min. swing radius: 1530 mm
Worker: Standard:
Length of boom:| 1690 mm
Length of arm: 1100 mm
Bucket capacity: 0.04 m³