HEMC Used in Water-Based Latex Coatings Building Construction Hydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose MHEC HEMC


Hydroxyethyl methylcellulose (HEMC) is widely used in water-based latex coatings, building construction and building materials,printing inks, oil drilling, etc., to thicken and retain water, improve workability, and is used in dry and wet mortar products.Hydroxymethylcellulose is widely used as an excipient in pharmaceutical formulations, including oral tablets,suspensions, and topical formulations.


Viscosity mPa.s: 4000,6000,7000, 8000,10000, 20000, 30000, 40000, 60000, 70000,100000,150000,200000
Gel temperature ℃: 70.0-90.0
Loss on drying %: ≤5.0
Burning residue %: ≤5.0
Bulk density g/L: 350~420
Methoxy %: 19.0~24.0
PH Value: 5-9
Hydroxyethoxy %: 7.0-10.0
Viscosity: 200 to 200,000 it can be customized


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