Bussmann LPJ-100SP motor protection fuse

High & Medium Voltage Fuse

Product details

Manufacturer: Bussmann
Description: 100A, 600VAC, 300VDC, 8 in L x 2-19/32 in, CLASS J Time delay fuse current limiting fuse, Eaton Bussmann LPJ-100SP
Stock quantity (PCS): 3000
Lead time (Weeks): 1
Categories: Motor protection fuse; LPJ-100SP; Bussmann Fuse; Eaton Fuse; fast acting fuse; Class J fuse; current limiting fuse; high voltage fuse.

LASS J Time delay fuse

Applied to headhunting cabinets in data centers

In 2023, Google's European data center will be widely used, Data center usage is expected to increase by 30% in 2024.

CLASS J Solved the problem of small overload and too fast fuse count caused by traditional NH series GG GL, and ensured the stable operation of packaging data centers

10 seconds (minimum) at 500% rated amps, available with optional indication on select ratings (see catalog numbers table) . For dimensions, see page 1-3.

LPJ_SP Class J Low-Peak dual-element, time delay fuses

Product Name: Eaton Bussmann series LPJ fuse
Catolog Number: LPJ-500SP
Rated Amperage: 500A
Rated Voltage: 600 Vac, 300 Vdc
Datasheet: PDF
Product Height: 2.5 in
Product Length: 8 in
Product Width: 2.5 in
Product Weight: 2. 65 lb
Class: Class J
Voltage Type: AC/DC
Fuse Type: Time delay Current-limiting
Breaking Capacity: 100 kAIC Vdc 300 kAIC at 600 Vac
3D Model; CAD: Contact us
Certification: UL;IEC

Fuse cross reference:

Mersen fuse cross PN: AJT500
Littelfuse cross PN: JTD-500
Fuse typical applications:

GE 230VAC, 100HP 3 Phase Motor

• Power panelboards
• Branch circuit breaker panelboard mains
• Machinery disconnects
• Industrial control

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