CO2 Dry Ice Pellets Making Machine Industrial Large Dry Ice Production 500-1000kg/H For Dry Ice Factory/Plant

Dry Ice Pelletizer
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Product description

Model No.: WT-2000-2 Dry Ice Pelletizer
Total machine power: 15 kw - 22kw
Power supply: 380V/50HZ/3P
Capacity: max 500Kg/h - max 1000kg/h
Dry ice size mold: 3/9/14/16/19 mm
Dry ice density: Food grade ≧1.5 Industrial grade ≧1.3
Transformation rate: ≥42%
Machine dimensions: 1400×1420×1680 mm - 1960×1420 x1820mm
Weight: 2000 kg - 2850kg
Liquid inlet pressure: ≤2.1 Mpa
Feul tank volume: 300 liter - 500 liter

This mode WT-2000-2 is a double cylinder control type dry ice making machine, it is mainly composed of hydraulic system, electrical control system and extrusion molding system. Using hydraulic extrusion molding, LCO2 as material, with different dry ice size mold 3mm –19mm to produce translucent, high density dry ice pellets or bullets.

It has two kind of capacity, 300-500kg/h or 800-1000kg/h; for large quantity dry ice production, it can work together with the dry ice block reformer, bagging machine to be a whole automatic line, easy opperation and high efficiency.

All the key parts and components are with good quality, to ensure the safety and stable peration of the equipment. With low failure rate, the equipment can produce for 24 hours continuously. Can meet large quantity dry ice demands.


• Generous and simple appearance, easy to clean;
• Upgrade to closed body , lower production noise;
• Intelligent operation, one-button start and stop;
• Customize different production capacity according to your needs;
• Cylinder of double-head machine can be independently controlled;
• Different sizes of molds can be selected according to different demands, which is convenient and fast to change.

Manually replace dry ice extrusion mold is easy, one machine with different sizes producing, which will meet some dry ice factory/plant customer who wants to produce and sell more sizes of dry ice products.