Automatic Dry Ice Blocks Prouction Line For Dry Ice Factory In Cold Chain Logistics

Dry Ice Blocks Production
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Product details

Model: Wantong Dry ice production line
Motor power: 35kw
Voltage: 380V / 50HZ / 3P
Production: 1000kg/h, 1500kg/h
2000kg/h optional
Overall Dimension: 6 CBM
Raw material: Liquid CO2
Dry ice product size: 200-1500g/pc

A whole production line include:

Dry ice pelletizer WT-2000 series(Optional capacity),

Dry ice blocks reformer (WT-1500, customized) with conveyor,

Wrapping machine and the sorting device, then packed the products into dry ice storage boxes.

A single line can reach a maximum production capacity of 1500kg/h, which can adapt to large-scale dry ice sales.

Automatic intelligent operation, save labor, high efficiency, good quality with high density dry ice products.

We provide the whole solution as required, can design the dry ice blocks size, total production capacity, to meet your different production demands.


Used in cold chain logistics. Dry ice is at -78℃, can keep food at a much lower temperature than water ice. Moreover, when dry ice melts, it does not turn into a liquid like ice, but evaporates directly into dry carbon dioxide gas -CO2. Therefore, it is a very good cold medium.

Used in the food field. Food grade dry ice is often used as an ingredient into ice cream&drinks, which is cool and delicious and greatly improves the taste. Dry ice is especially suitable for the refrigeration of takeout ice cream.

Used in medical field: For frozen treatment, and for the storage and transportation of plasma, drugs, vaccines etc.

Used for greenhouse planting: Take dry ice to put CO2 fertilizer, conducive to the growth of flowers and vegetables.

Used for stage effects with a dry ice fog machine.