Dry Ice Box ICO300/Dry Ice Containers For Cold Chain Transportation


Storage capacity: 310L/250kg(3mm dry ice)
Material: LLDPE+PU insulation
Sublimation rate: 4-6% within 24hours
Inner dimensions: 920*520*645mm
Overall Dimension: 1100*700*1000mm
Feature: UV resistant, non-fading
Empty weight: 61 kg

Dry ice box plays an important role for dry ice storage and transportation in kinds of industries. We choosed the professional manufacturer to produce our own dry ice containers with high quality and good performance.


• Selection of PE material, non-toxic harmless, anti-ultraviolet, not easy to fade.
• The box body is equipped with wheels, two of which are brake universal wheels for easy movement of the box body
• Rubber integral handle makes the box lighter and easier to carry.
• The body and shell of the insulation box adopt rotary forming process.The box body is strong and durable, especially suitable for long time high temperature, heavy load and other harsh environment.
• In order to keep the temperature change in the plastic container, the spaceflight PU filled insulation material is used.
• Seamless molding though rotational molding
• Easy to clean and disinfect; can be reused
• Suitable for long term cold storage and preservation of dry ice.

ICO300 dry ice container capacity 310L, can hold 3mm dry ice pellets 250KG, and 350kg dry ice blocks, providing plenty of space.

Support customized Logo, appearance and color, just need to meet the MOQ requirement.
Other capacity is also available,480L/330L/130L/60L etc.


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