PHE5D 5 Axis CNC gantry machining center

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PHE5D 5 Axis CNC gantry machining center:

• Universal and flexible processing capability
• Capable of multi-angle, multi-direction processing of special-shaped parts


High performance 5 axis linkage processing:

Equipped with self-developed A/C head,
Equipped with high-performance 2-axis head, HSK A63 high speed motorized spindle, realizing multi-directional and multi-angle processing, to meet the processing requirements of high smoothness of various special-shaped parts.

Latest gantry structure design, with superior dynamic performance and higher acceleration:

The integrated structure of columns and beams reduces the center of gravity of the equipment, improves the overall anti-overturning ability and rigidity

Combined with the large area of processing, to meet the diverse needs of customers

Top-class numerical control system with high processing stability:

• The Siemens 5-axis system is equipped
• With powerful functions and full-level data transmission
• Adopts a modular and open architecture design with high scalability
• Achieves almost all machining applications.

The powerful automatic chip removal capability:

The double screw chip removers and a chain plate chip conveyor are equipped, delivering the powerful chip discharging capability, to ensure timely discharge of processing waste chips.


• The machine integrates the function of milling, drilling, tapping.
• Machining for different kinds of aluminum, steel, cooper materials.
• Widely used in processing special-shaped parts in aerospace, automotive and machinery engineering.