All-in-one machine for organic fertilizer MJFJ-35YT

Organic Fermentation Equipment
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It is suitable for different kinds of farms such as pig farm, cow farm, chicken farm etc.

After being processed by a fermentation all-in-one machine, the moisture of organic fertilizer was about 20%-30%, the organic fertilizer can packing directly.


1. Direct-feed: Don’t need to add excipients, It can put fresh livestock and poultry manure for fermentation directly

2. Flexible operation Small footprint, intelligent control, Daily incoming and outgoing material, Simple management and operation.

3. Non-pollution:Good tightness, it adopted pumping intensively, It achieved gas emission standards, No secondary pollution.

4. Durability:Stainless steel special material, it can reduce corrosion and enhance durability.The all-in-one machine manchine can process most of organic waste.Main use of enterprises:Livestock and poultry enterprises, zoo, Catering enterprises, Kitchen waste concentration treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, Organic fertilizer factory, etc.