Product description:

1. The resin viscosity is low, the core sand has good fluidity, and the core sand surface quality is better.
2. After mixing with sand, it has a long service time and good demoulding performance.
3. The sand core has high initial strength, which improves core making efficiency.
4. The amount of resin added is small, which saves costs, has low gas generation and good dispersibility.
5. Significantly improve the surface of rust parts and reduce pores, veins and other phenomena.
6. Low odor and low smoke, improving the working environment.


1. The moisture content of raw sand is controlled at ≤0.2%, the mud content is controlled at ≤0.26%, the humidity is 16-38°C, and the mesh size of the sand mold is: 50-100 mesh.
2. The amount of resin added is generally between 1.0-2.0 (proportion of sand weight).
3. The ratio of mixed sand and resin: generally controlled at 50:50 (component I can also be adjusted to 0.55 kg and component II to 0.45 kg according to the casting. The more component I is added, the higher the initial strength will be).
4. Sand mixing time: Intermittent sand mixer, 2-3 minutes after adding resin.
5. The product is cured with triethylamine, and the amine blowing time depends on the size and shape of the sand core.
6. Packaging and storage: Packed in iron drums (net weight 220kg/barrel). The resin should be stored between 10-35°C to avoid contact with water, fire, etc. The shelf life is 6 months.

Performance and specifications:

Product model: Component I (Phenolic resin) - Component II(poly isocyanate)
Model: Component I(Phenolic resin) - Component II(poly isocyanate)
Appearance: Light yellow to dark brown liquid - B rown liquid
Viscosity: ≤260 - ≤100
Density: 1.08-1.18 - 1 . 1-1.2


1. This product needs to be sealed to prevent moisture and clumping.
2. This product may irritate your eyes and skin. If it comes into contact with your eyes, rinse immediately with running water or seek medical advice.
3. The product is flammable, so keep it away from fire sources and use dry powder to extinguish the fire in case of fire.
4. Handle with care during loading and unloading.


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