ZX Self Priming Clean Water/Chemical Industrial Pump

Self Priming Pump
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ZX series pumps are newly developed self-priming centrifugal pumps for clean water or chemical liquids. The pumps have the advantages such as compact structure and high efficiency and energy-saving and reliable operation and long life and more strong self priming characteristic etc.

Only keep some guidable liquids into the pump for self-priming before starting pump. It need not install foot valve in pipeline. So the pumps can simplify pipeline system and operating conditions.

1. Range: environment protection, construction, fire fight, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing stuffs, brewery, paper making, cleaning in metallurgical and mining industries and cooling of equipment etc.
2. Pump with rocky sprayer can rush water into the sky and spray the drips for farm and tea garden etc.
3. Liquids: Clean water and sea water and chemical liquids with acid and alkali and liquids with normal starchiness. (viscosity≤100centipoise, density of solid below 30%)
4. It can be used to send liquids with starchiness as the transport equipment of presser and filter.


Cast iron or stainless steel