ISG Vertical Pipeline Centrifugal Pump


ISG series single stage single suction vertical pipeline centrifugal pump is the new high efficiency and energy-saving product which substitute SG series pipeline centrifugal pump and IS Series centrifugal pump and D series multistage centrifugal pump. It is manufactured as ISO2858 and JB/T6878.2-93 standard. The capacity range for ISG series pump is 1.5~1600m3/h and head range is 5~125m at the base of basic type and capacity type and trim impeller type. IRG Series hot water pump and IHG Series chemical industry pump and YG series oil pump with the same parameter and different material of fluid parts are manufactured for different liquid and temperature. So the pumps are widely used in many conditions to substitute normal centrifugal pumps.
1. Suction pressure≤1.0Mpa or Max working pressure of system≤1.6Mpa (Suction pressure+Head≤1.6Mpa). Static pressure for test is 2.5Mpa. Please indicate it when the working pressure of system is more than 1.6Mpa so that cast steel material for fluid parts and connection parts can be adopted.
2. Environment temperature<40℃, Humidity<95%。
3. Solid volume in liquids is no more than 0.1% of liquids. Granularity<0.2mm.
Remark: Please indicate it when there is tiny grain in liquids so that mechanical seal with wearable performance can be used.
1、ISG vertical pipeline pump is used to transport the clear water and other liquids as same as clear water in physical and chemical characteristic and liquids temperature is no more than 80℃. Such as industry and city water, boost and supply water for high-building, gardening, fire fighting and warm and cooling circulation etc.
2、IRG vertical hot water pump is used for hot water boost and circulation in power resource and metallurgy and wood process and chemical industry and weave and making –paper and restaurant and city heat circulation. Liquid temperature is not more than 120℃。
3、IHG chemical industry pump is suitable to transport the corrosive liquids in weave and petroleum and chemical industry and pharmacy and food etc. Liquid temperature is -20℃~+120℃。
4、YG vertical pipeline oil pump is to transport the gasoline and kerosene and diesel oil etc petroleum product. Liquids temperature is -20℃~+120℃。


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