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Select Optimus is changing the way of logistics for 3PL / 4PL companies, with features and integrations that facilitate all processes of logistics companies.

Why Select Optimus is the Most Ideal Logistics Software for 3PL / 4PL Companies?

Select Optimus, the SaaS logistics software, offers the ideal solutions for 3PL / 4PL logistics companies with warehouse management, cost, sales, order, revenue and expense management, process automation, freight tracking, customer relationship management and supplier tracking systems.

Customer Relationship Management:

With Select Optimus, you can instantly monitor all the services you provide to your clients to the finest detail, so your clients also can follow the services you provide to them simultaneously with the cloud-based system too.

Unlimited Warehouse Management:

Identify and track your entire vehicle park, warehouses and services. Run the system with unlimited warehouse system.

Cost and Sales Management:

Keep track of your costs and sales figures instantly with expected and actual details.

Order Management:

Track all the processes from receipt to storage, storage to delivery to the buyer with all details and costs instantly.

Revenue and Expense Management:

Calculate your profit instantly with automatically calculated revenue and expense, track your possible unexpected expenses and have them billed. Don't miss any revenue with billing control.

Process Automation:

Select Optimus TMS enables the automatic transmission of automatically prepared documents. This allows you to automatically create the tasks required for the next steps and send them to the authorized people as work orders and get them approved.

Load Tracking:

With the integrations within the system, a lot of data is collected automatically for load tracking and the load location can be automatically monitored.

Customer Management:

Thanks to the cloud-based system, your customers can log in to the system through their web browser, view their offers, enter orders, track freight and receive their own reports.

Supplier Tracking System:

Gather information from your suppliers with mobile applications, you and your managers can easily follow your work.

Benefits of Select Optimus for 3PL / 4PL Companies:

• Make operations fast with easy to use.
• Access information from anywhere with all devices with cloud-based system.
• Check your buying and selling prices.
• Provide follow-up and profitability control with expected and actual revenue / expense while tracking the shipments in full detail.
• Keep track of all your storage and transportation operations instantly with costs.
• Easily load tracking automatically and effortlessly with integrations, share with your customers.
• Eliminate errors with the help of rules and flow diagrams, the next operations are performed automatically.
• Reduce the time per file by at least half of the time while making your operation error free and help you handle more loads, increase turnover and profit.
• Keep track of your company's status with the latest figures with instant reports.


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