Aluminum Camlock Coupling Type A

Aluminum Camlock Coupling
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Camlock coupling, also called cam and groove coupling, is a type of coupling that is used for connecting hoses and pipes together in a variety of is produced by Aluminum, brass, stainless steel, plastic.They are easy to operate by hand and require no tools to connect, it always require one male adapter and one female coupler.They are the most widely used coupling in the world, due to its ease to installation and cost effectiveness.

Type: Type A, Male Adapter, Male Camlock x Female NPT Thread
Standard: Our camlock coupling are produced from 1/2" to 8" according to A-A-59326 (previously called MIL-C-27487)
Size: 1/2", 3/4", 1“, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2“, 2”, 2-1/2“, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”
Material: Coupling body is Aluminium, Handles are stainless steel or brass, Pins, Rings and Safety clips are steel
Gasket: NBR( EPDM, Viton are available on request.)
Working pressure: 1/2” -2” 250psi, 2-1/2”-4” 150psi, 5”-6” 75 psi, 8” 50psi
Manufacture method: Gravity casting
Application: Camlock Coupling is widely used in chemical, water, hydraulic oil, petroleum products. oil and gas, mining, agriculture, construction