Matured Savak Tulum Cheese 300gr

Tulum Cheese
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Yörükbaşı Matured Şavak tulum cheese is a type of cheese that is very difficult to make. This Tulum cheese got this name because it is produced more in Şavak region of Elazığ. Savak Tulum Cheese is a cheese that has a high nutritional value as well as a special flavor it leaves on the palate. If you put a piece of matured Şavak Tulum Cheese in your mouth and crush it on your upper palate with your tongue, you can fully feel the unique taste of Tulum cheese.

Savak Gourmet cheese is rich in calcium and magnesium as well as deliciousness. Yörükbaşı Matured Tulum Cheese; It is easy to digest, it is good for stomach ailments, it is accepted by nutritionists that it is a cheese that should be consumed by those with osteoporosis.

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Weight: 300 g