NAAKUU NK-MK APP Control Customized Electrical Intelligent Power Distribution Box

Smart Safety Power Distribution Box
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The NK-MK Electrical Intelligent Power Distribution Box is new type of distribution box that has undergone hundreds of thousands of repeated experiments and more than a decade of dedicated research and development. This distribution box adopts intelligent monitoring and microsecond-level rapid response technology to ensure the absolute safety of the output circuits. It not only completely eliminates the occurrence of accidental electric shock to the human body but also prevents sparks from occurring during short circuits, thereby preventing safety incidents such as fires and explosions.

Product Parameters:

Model: NK-MK
Usage: Safe Power Distribution
Rated Voltage: 110/220V 50/60Hz
Rated Current: 63A
Operation: Manual,APP Remote Control,Auto Re-close
Power Consumption: ≤2W
Output Circuit: 4/6/8/12 ways (customized)
Residual Opreating Current: 1-10mA
Over Voltage Protection: 220V:270~275V 110V:150-155V
Under Voltage Protection: 220V :150V~155V 110V:80-85V
Over Current Protection: 1.2In
Protection Delay Time: 1S
Short Current Protection: 3 In
Operate Time Of Peotection: ≤1us
Lighting Resistance: The device is capable of withstanding a combination wave of 1.2/50us (8/20us)between L-N,with no false triggering at 2KV and no damage at 6KV.It can also disconnect the load within 1us and automatically restore power after lightning cessation.
Installation: Built-in or wall-mounted
Shell Color: White(customized)
Dimension: 399*329*128mm(customized)
Shell Material: Stainless Steel