S15 1500w Portable Power Station with LiFePO4 Battery Portable Solar Power Generator

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The S15 is a 1500w portable solar power generator with LiFePO4 lithium battery´╝î with a 960Wh LiFePo4 battery, pure sine wave AC outlets, a 12V car socket, and 2 USB ports. With multiple charging options: solar panels, wall outlets, 12V vehicle output, and a generator. Suitable for outdoor activities, camping, emergency backup power, and mobile office, especially ideal for powering high-wattage devices. Prepare your off-grid solar generator with a green and clean power source, an outdoor power solution for adventurers. It provides a reliable, powerful, and portable power station for your upcoming camping, hunting, or fishing trips with low maintenance. It's emission-free and portable.

1. 4 inch Full range Control Display Screen. MCU Smart Chip. Effortlessly and Efficiently Manage Outdoor Life, Entertainment.

2. Safe and intelligent, rapid charging! Innovative E-SPEED intelligent fast charging technology charges to 80% in 1 hour, ensuring safety and efficiency without damaging the battery pack. Lightning-fast charging for battery efficiency and extended mileage.

Product Parameters:

Model: S7
Capacity: 1500mAh *8 strings 1 parallel 120000mAh
Pruduct Size: 28cm*18.3cm*20.7cm
G.W/N.G: 5.5KG
Cell: LiFePO4 / 15000mAh
AC Power: Sine wave AC 700w 110v 60Hz
AC Peak Value: 1100W
Conversion Efficiency: >90% full load

Model: S15
Capacity: 30000mAh*10 series 1 parallel 300000mAh
Pruduct Size: 33cm*21cm*28.5cm
G.W/N.G: 15.7KG/13.7KG
Cell: LiFePO4 / 30000mAh
AC Power: Sine wave AC 1500W 110v-120v 50Hz/60Hz
AC Peak Value: 3000W
Conversion Efficiency: >90% full load

Model: S25
Capacity: 5200mAh*12 strings 1 parallel 624000mAh
Pruduct Size: 40.2cm*23.1cm*30cm
G.W/N.G: 19.5KG/21.5KG
Cell: LiFePO4/52Ah
AC Power: Sine wave AC 2000W 100-120V 50Hz/60Hz
AC Peak Value: 4000W
Conversion Efficiency: >90% full load