30L Air Compressor Pump Vacuum Pump For LCD Laminator Repair

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Kailiwei 550W/30L Air Compressor Pump 8L Vacuum Pump Suitable LCD Screen Laminator Machine Press Laminate Repair. these devices used with the LCD laminating machine or bubble removing machine to provide air pressure.

Note: Inflators and pumps, Separate laminating press used together.


Air compressor is a gas generating device, which converts mechanical energy into gas pressure energy. Air machine as a gas power source conversion equipment is widely used in every link of production and life. For example: in construction, steel, mining and chemical factories in many uses, especially the twin screw type air compressor is widely used in machinery, metallurgy, electronic power, medicine, packaging, chemical, food, mining, textile, transportation and other industrial fields, and has become the mainstream products of compressed air.

Vacuum pump applications include medicine, pesticides, cosmetics and toiletry products, soap and synthetic detergent, surfactants, printing ink and its additives, adhesives, photosensitive materials, water treatment agents and polymer flocculants, papermaking additives, leather additives, mineral flotation agents, casting chemicals, metal surface treatment agents, synthetic lubricants and lubricating oil additives, automotive chemicals , functional polymer materials, biological and chemical products need to use vacuum pump.