INFACO F3015 Electric Pruning Shears

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FRANCE INFACO is only shears in the world with 3 interchangeable heads, adjustable half-aperture and DSES security system. F3015 is available from the factory in Standard or Medium versions.

Standard F3015 Specs:

Shear Weight(g): 790g
Blade Opening(mm): 60mm
Cutty Capacity(mm): 40mm
Blade Point Speed (mm/s): 271.6
Blade Axis Torque (N.m): 184.3
Operation Mode: Pulse / Progressive
On/ Off Switch on the Tool: Yes
In-Built Batery life indicator: Yes
Injury Prevention System: Yes(DSES option)
Aluminium Body Structure: Yes

Battery F3015 Specs:

Battery Weight: 810g
Weight of the Helix Cable: 150g
Right Hand/ Left Hand Adaptable: YES
Battery Average Autonomy: 9hrs (Depending on use)
Complete Charging Time: 1.5H
Battery Average Voltage: 48V
Sleep Mode Function: YES
Powercoup Range compatible Battery: YES