Straddle Carrier:

• Capacity: 5~900 tons
• Span: 5~50m
• Lifting height: 5~30m
• Lifting Speed: 0-4m/Min
• Crane Speed: 0-60m/Min
• Operating Temperature: -20℃~40℃
• Customize

The Most Cost Effective Lifting Solutions:

Straddle carrier has the characteristics of simple operation and flexible transfer, high handling efficiency, low energy consumption and maintenance cost, energy saving, and environmental protection.
The straddle carrier can be widely used to lift precast girders, concrete pieces, precast houses, tanks, cans, wind-power towers, cable drums, containers, and so on. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to lift heavy loads, Huade Lift straddle carrier is the perfect choice for you! Welcome to send us your requirement, and we will customize a suitable solution accordingly for you.

Industrial Straddle Carrier:

• Capacity: 150 ton
• Span: 13 m
• Height: 9.5 m
• Customize

60t Straddle Carrier:

• Capacity: 60t
• Span: 12.1m
• Lifting Height: 11m
• Customize

90t Straddle Carrier:

• Capacity: 90t
• Span: 15m
• Lifting Height: 7.5m
• Customize

60t Straddle Carrier:

• Capacity: 60t
• Span: 9m
• Height: 7m
• Customize


Huade Lift focus on the manufacture & design of straddle carriers. We are committed to creating value for our customers and provide with the most economical and efficient material handling solutions.

• High efficiency in loading, unloading, handling and stacking of extra wide and heavy items.
• The fully hydraulic drive wheels are designed to ensure maximum stability. Long-lasting performance and high efficiency.
• Electrical equipment: The electrical system is made of Siemens brand or Schneider brand. What's more, we use frequency converter, PLC and CMMS (fault monitoring system).
• Small turning radius for pivot turning and maximum capacity in narrow aisle space.
• Wide wheel surface, high elasticity coated steel, wheel design reduces the requirement for ground surface.
• Adjustable speed of the whole machine, zero speed braking is realized when driving, no brake maintenance is required.
• Two types of operation: cab and wireless remote control real-time operation, wide view, easy to operate .
• Digital height limiter weighing device and a full set of safety limit system.
• Special spreader can be designed according to customer requirements (non-standard, automatic, container-specific lifting equipment, etc.) to meet the requirements of a variety of operations.
• Wide range of use, low price, low running cost, fast return on investment.

Suitable For Various Industries:

Straddle carriers are versatile industrial vehicles. Straddle carrier crane can lift heavy loads, navigate tight spaces, and reduce ground pressure. Their applications are diverse. Here are some applications of straddle carrier:

• Precast Concrete: Straddle carriers can be used in construction sites to transport heavy building materials such as steel beams, concrete blocks, and precast panels. It offers unbeatable turnaround speed with safe stuffing/de-stuffing at ground level, making it a cost-effective and flexible solution for handling large and heavy loads.
It is customizable and can be built to suit specific applications, with options like remote control, all-wheel drive, load stabilizers, and air-conditioned cabins.

• Steel Mills: Straddle carriers are a great choice for steel mills. If you need to lift and move coils and steels of all types and sizes in your yard or factory, a straddle carrier crane is a perfect solution. As an experienced customized Straddle Carrier factory, our design provide flexible lifting methods, making an ideal choice for factories and manufacturing facilities.

• Containers: Straddle carrier gantry cranes are an essential tool for shipyards and ports. It can efficiently and safely transport containers and other heavy loads from one location to another, ideal for use in smaller spaces, such as port terminals.
Straddle carriers are highly maneuverable and can easily move between shipping containers to load and unload cargo,and can stack containers up to four highs.

• Manufacturing: Industrial straddle carriers are designed for the manufacturing and construction industries to handle oversized and specialized loads such as steel, precast concrete, and nitrogen tanks. They are an ideal solution for transporting such loads in confined spaces where trucks cannot maneuver. Straddle carriers are more efficient than forklifts as they can load or unload semi-trailers in a single operation, which improves efficiency.

• Wind Power: Straddle Carriers offer efficient and safe handling solutions for the Green Energy industry. They are ideal for transporting wind turbine elements, as they can be fitted with spreader beams to handle long sections of wind turbines. The wireless remote control option for Straddle Carriers provides safety and productivity benefits, further enhancing their suitability for use in the Green Energy sector. Straddle carrier can also be used in combination to transport longer blades. This greatly improves work efficiency.

Steering Modes of Straddle Carrier Manufacturer & Supplier:

The straddle carrier is designed with a variety of steering modes to meet different working conditions of customers, including:

1. 90° Steering
2. Crab Steering
3. Front Steering
4. Pivot Steering
5. Rear Steering
6. Transverse Travel


• The horizontal transport and stacking design can save you money on other machines needed for container handling.
• Cutting-edge crane electrical systems that upgrade the crane driving system, crane motor, and power management system.
• The straddle crane's frequent speed system design allows for speed and hosting control.
• The driver assistance system design enables easier, smarter, and safer crane operation for operators.
• Electric AC inverter drives, a smart alarm system, and a customized maintenance design.
• The crane has a small turning circle and 4-axle steering with two and four-wheel steering modes for better maneuverability.
• Straddle carriers have power regeneration, hydraulic spreaders, and inching control for energy-saving and efficient operation.
• The unique design makes them extremely safe, and they can be operated freely inside your yards.

Highly Customized To Suit Your Needs:

Highly customized according to your needs, the special sling is used for lifting containers, modular houses, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Huade lift Industry focus on Casting Yard and Bridge erection site one-stop product supply, which is from girder making, girder transportation, girder lifting to girder erection equipment etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Huade lift Industry focus on Casting Yard and Bridge erection site one-stop product supply, which is from girder making, girder transportation, girder lifting to girder erection equipment etc.

Q. How long is the lead time for the straddle carrier?

The delivery time of the straddle carrier is generally 30 to 50 days. In addition, if special customization is required, the delivery time will be longer.

Q. Will the straddle carrier be tested before delivery?

The straddle carrier will be done pre-assembly & factory test before delivery to ensure straddle carrier crane performance & function. Also, by doing pre-assembly & test in factory, it minimizes the site assembly work and facilitates the site assembly & test more quickly.

Q. Can you provide guidance for installation and commissioning?

There are two schemes for customers to choose from:
a: Free Remote on-line guidance: We have supported the site assembly & commissioning of straddle carriers by free on-line remote guidance that save much time& cost for our customers.
b:Huade Lift will send engineers to customers site to guide site commissioning at client's cost.

Q. How long about the warranty period?

The warranty period of our products is 1 year. If there is a failure or component damage caused by quality problems within 1 year, our company is responsible for providing replacement parts free of charge.


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