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Container Straddle Carrier:

• Container Size: 20'’HQ/OT, 40'’HQ/OT, 45'’HQ/OT
• Capacity: 20-60 Ton
• Span: 3.2M-5M
• Lifting Height: 3M-7.5M
• Traveling Speed: 0-7Km/H
• Customize

The Most Cost Effective Lifting Solutions:

Container straddle carrier is specially designed for ports, terminals, and intermodal yards for lifting, transporting, and stacking sea containers. It is capable of picking and placing containers within the yard independently of other equipment to optimize storage space within the terminal. The container straddle carrier is highly customizable according to your exact requirements, contact our professional team, provide you with the most suitable and economical handling solution.

Chain Type Container Straddle Carrier:

• Loading And Unloading From Trailer To Ground
• Suitable For 5-6 Containers P/Hr
• Side Shift Front & Rear
• Soft Solid puncture proof tyres
• Driver Friendly Cab
• Customize

Telescopic Chain Container Straddle Carrier:

• 5-7 containers p/hr
• Exceptional 3-wheel maneuverability
• Carry containers and stack to 2 layers
• Travels in and out of warehouses with ease
• 360 degree vision when load is lifted
• Customize

Telescopic Topliftwith Container Spreader:

• Effortless double stacking of containers
• Manoeuvre and set down under low doorways
• 360-degree vision when the load is lifted
• 12 – 15 containers p/hr
• Low ground pressure
• Customize

Features of Container Straddle Carriers:

Hudade Lift foucus on the manufacture & design of straddle carriers. We are committed to creating value for our customers and provide with the most economical and efficient material handling solutions.

• Small turning radius: can travel in the narrow aisle space.
• Wide wheel surface and high elastic coating steel, low requirements for road surface.
• Driver's room and wireless remote control for real-time operation.
• SYMC controller, P+F sensor, Amphenol connector.
• Weighing device and digital display height limiter.
• Hydraulic hand lever: reducing breakdown, easy for operation and maintenance.
• Hydrostatic driven travel technology: step-less speed change, smooth movement.
• CAN bus system: signals are transmitted by data with long distance, accurate data.


Container straddle carriers are important in port logistics operations, which can efficiently transport shipping containers. Container straddle carrier for sale is especially beneficial in ports with limited space. Here are common applications of container straddle carriers:

• Container Handling at Container Yards
• Container Handling for Factory
• Container Handling for Logistics Transportation
• Tank Handling for Gas Factory

Container Straddle Carrier Factory Commissioning:

The main advantages of the straddle carrier is low unladen weight, which not only makes it more flexible and maneuverable but also helps reduce fuel consumption and ground impact. This can be a significant cost-saving factor for companies that handle a large volume of containers.


• Can tilt containers at an angle of 75 for efficient.
• Carry containers and stack them 2 over 1.
• Load and unload trucks.
• Small size, travels in/out of the container yard and warehouse with ease.
• The same Unit can lift 20’, 40’, 45’containers.
• 360-degree vision when the load is lifted.
• Rough terrain & ramp friendly, works on compacted stone, bitumen, and light concrete.
• Wide range of use, low price, low operating cost, and fast return on investment.

Highly Customized To Suit Your Needs:

Highly customized according to your needs, the special sling is used for lifting containers, modular houses, etc.


• Soft Solid puncture proof tires
• Load stabilizer system
• Side shift front & rear
• GPS tracking
• Remote monitoring
• Anti-collision systems
• Load monitoring systems
• Rear-view cameras
• Alarms

Customized Spreaders:

All kinds of special custom designed lifting appliances (non-standard, automatic, container special lifting appliances, etc.) meet the requirements of multiple varieties and multiple operations.

• 20ft Fixed Spreaders
• 40ftFixed Spreaders
• 20/40ftTelescopic Spreaders
• Oversized Load Spreader

Frequently Asked Questions:

Huade lift Industry focus on Casting Yard and Bridge erection site one-stop product supply, which is from girder making, girder transportation, girder lifting to girder erection equipment etc.

Q. How long is the lead time for the container straddle carrier?

The delivery time of the container straddle carrier is generally 30 to 50 days. In addition, if special customization is required, the delivery time will be longer.

Q. Will the container straddle carrier be tested before delivery?

The container straddle carrier will be done pre-assembly & factory test before delivery to ensure these straddle carrier performance & function. Also, by doing pre-assembly & test in factory, it minimizes the site assembly work and facilitates the site assembly & test more quickly.

Q. Can you provide guidance for installation and commissioning?

There are two schemes for customers to choose from:
a: Free Remote on-line guidance: We have supported the site assembly & commissioning of straddle carriers by free on-line remote guidance that save much time& cost for our customers.
b:Huadelift will send engineers to customers site to guide site commissioning at client's cost.

Q. How long about the warranty period?

Straddle carrier is guaranteed for 12 months from the B/L date. Within 12 months warranty period: free parts provided (excludes man-made damage).

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