Multifunctional Container Straddle Carrier


Multifunctional Container Straddle Carrier:

• Container Size: 20'’HQ/OT, 40'’HQ/OT, 45'’HQ/OT
• Capacity: 20-60 Ton
• Span: 3.2M-5M
• Lifting Height: 3M-7.5M
• Traveling Speed: 0-7 Km/H
• Customize

The Most Cost Effective Lifting Solutions:

Multifunctional container straddle carrier can offer the advantages of adaptability with adjustable spreader attachments and a high lifting capacity. Their flexibility minimizes the need for multiple specialized devices and reduces operational costs. Huade multifunctional container straddle carrier can meet any working conditions. Contact us to send your requirements, and we will give you a suitable solution.


• Huade Lift focus on the manufacture & design of straddle carriers. We are committed to creating value for our customers and provide with the most economical and efficient material handling solutions.
• Dynamic simulation technology: Used to assess the structural integrity, ensure that the steel structure lifespan over 20 years.
• Painting process: Meet port standards. After the sandblasting treatment, applying a primer, middle paint, and top coating.
• Solid tires: More durable and have lower maintenance costs.
• Light machine with low wheel load pressure: Applicable to different working conditions.
• CAN bus system: Transmitting signals and data long distances, ensures accurate data transmission and high reliability.
• High-performance electrical components: SYMC controller, P+F sensor, and Amphenol connector, contributing to the overall efficiency and functionality of the machine.
• Mature hydraulic hand lever: Rreducing breakdown, easy for both operation and maintenance.
• Hydrostatic driven travel technology: Enables stepless speed change, ensuring smooth and stable movement.
• Side Shift stacking mechanism: Allows for efficient handling and positioning of cargo on the carrier's platform.
• Anti-rollover protection system: Enhance safety during operation.


• Multifunctional container straddle carriers are designed for diverse cargo handling tasks. They can handle various loads, including containers, bulk cargo, and oversized items. Multifunctional container straddle carriers have a wide application in storage yards, ports, container terminals and etc.

• Container Handling: The primary function of a straddle carrier is to handle containers. It can lift and transport containers between the container yard and container ships, stack containers in the yard, and load or unload containers from trucks or trains.

• Stacking and Storage: Straddle carriers can stack containers vertically in the container yard. They are capable of lifting containers high off the ground and placing them on top of each other, maximizing storage capacity and optimizing space utilization.

• Transport: Straddle carrier container crane are used to transport containers over short distances within the port or terminal. They can move containers from the ship-to-shore cranes to the storage yard, from the yard to the truck or rail terminal, or between different parts of the terminal as required.

• Reefer Container Handling: Multifunctional straddle carriers can be equipped with refrigeration capabilities to handle reefer (refrigerated) containers. They have the necessary infrastructure to maintain the temperature and power supply required for refrigerated cargo.

• Concrete Handling: Container straddle crane are heavy-duty, specialized vehicles designed to transport and handle heavy loads, including concrete blocks, precast elements, and other construction materials.

• Transport Heavy Equipment: Straddle carriers have high load-bearing capacity, allowing them to transport heavy equipment efficiently. They can handle a wide range of equipment, including large machinery, generators, and other industrial items.

Commissioning a Multifunctional Container Straddle Carrier:

The utility straddle carrier moves oversized loads and containers under the machine by straddling the load, which allows loading and unloading without the need for a crane. And the multi-purpose straddle carrier is very cost-effective and has excellent maneuverability, fitting into narrow aisles, thus providing more storage space. Its telescoping feature is perfect for moving from inside to outside manipulation.


• Tilting containers at an angle of 75°.
• Stack containers two over one.
• Handle the loading and unloading of containers from trucks.
• Small size and easy maneuverability.
• Travelling easily within the container yard and warehouse.
• Lifts various container sizes.
• 360-degree view when the load is lifted.
• Rough terrain and ramp-friendly.

Highly Customized To Suit Your Needs:

Highly customized according to your needs, the special sling is used for lifting containers, modular houses, etc.


• Gps tracking
• Remote monitoring
• Anti-collision systems
• Load monitoring systems
• Rear-view cameras
• Alarms

Customized Spreaders:

All kinds of special custom designed lifting appliances (non-standard, automatic, container special lifting appliances, etc.) meet the requirements of multiple varieties and multiple operations.

• 20ft Fixed Spreaders
• 40ftFixed Spreaders
• 20/40ftTelescopic Spreaders
• Oversized Load Spreader

Frequently Asked Questions:

Huade lift Industry focus on Casting Yard and Bridge erection site one-stop product supply, which is from girder making, girder transportation, girder lifting to girder erection equipment etc.

Q. How long is the lead time for the multifunctional straddle carrier?

The delivery time of the multifunctional straddle carrier is generally 30 to 50 days. In addition, if special customization is required, the delivery time will be longer.

Q. Will the multifunctional straddle carrier be tested before delivery?

The multifunctional straddle carrier will be done pre-assembly & factory test before delivery to ensure these straddle carrier performance & function. Also, by doing pre-assembly & test in factory, it minimizes the site assembly work and facilitates the site assembly & test more quickly.

Q. Can you provide guidance for installation and commissioning?

There are two schemes for customers to choose from:
a: Free Remote on-line guidance: We have supported the site assembly & commissioning of straddle carriers by free on-line remote guidance that save much time& cost for our customers.
b: Huadelift will send engineers to customers site to guide site commissioning at client's cost.

Q. How long about the warranty period?

Straddle carrier is guaranteed for 12 months from the B/L date. Within 12 months warranty period: free parts provided (excludes man-made damage).


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