ZR-60W CO2 laser power supply

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1. This 220V inpuit laser power supply's main advantage is high frequency, quick response speed, less volume, less weight, easy operation with complete protecting function.

2. This ZR-60W CO2 laser power supply uses ordinary H/L/P/G/IN/5V ports to accept laser power's control signal and galvanized steel case.

3. The HV laser power supply has stable laser output. Each 60W laser power supply have been much more rigorous testing procedures, under full load high temperature (52~55 degrees Celsius) 24 hours of aging to ensure high stability of each carbon dioxide laser power supply.

4. The 220V input laser power supply's control is easy and simple. It adopts high or low level control, the TTL-level control makes laser beam’s output start and stop quickly.

5. The HV laser power supply has the protection switch. Laser power control is simple, it can use 0 - 5V analog signal or PWM (pulse width modulation) signal to adjust and control laser power’s output.

6. This. 60W laser power supply uses imported USA, Japan, German, France and Taiwan’s high quality components for major parts to avoid the error in future and strengthen lifetime. The carbon dioxide laser power supply can be widely used to drive 1200mm or 1250mm 60W CO2 laser tube made by different factories.

7. The carbon dioxide laser power supply has LCD display module: (optional). Because of it, it do not need to open the outside case. Operator can simply find ordinary code faults and output current at LCD display screen of 220V input laser power supply and easy remove the trouble. Also the output current can be adjusted by potentiometer on the LCD module.

8. The 60W laser power supply has excellent protection function. The carbon dioxide laser power supply has open circuit protection, which make the 220V input laser power supply short-term work in the open circuit status which avoid the laser tube burst due to the damage caused by HV laser power supply. In this way it greatly enhancing the 60W laser power supply’s service time.

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