ZR-50W CO2 laser power supply

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1. Control is simple: This co2 laser power supply selects high or low level control, the use of TTL-level control of the laser can start and stop. At the same time it increases the protection switch, testing is through the external water and ventilation on this PWM/0-5V laser power source.

2. Protection function: This PWM/0-5V laser power supply has open circuit protection: Under the condition of good protective earth, the50w laser power supply can work in open-circuit for a short time, which could avoid the damage to this PWM/0-5V laser power supply.

3. This 50w laser power supply has stable performance: Each co2 power supply has been much more rigorous testing procedures, under full load high temperature (52~55 degrees Celsius) 24 hours of aging, to ensure the stability of each50w laser power supply.

4. This ZR-50W CO2 power supply adopts G/P/L/G/IN/5V as control signal output port with 5V/24V output and use gray aluminum case.

5. Laser power control is simple on this 50w laser power supply, you can use 0 ~ 5V analog signal control the laser power, you can also use the PWM (pulse width modulation) signal to control output laser power.

6. Good compatibility: This PWM/0-5V laser power supply can match with most brand 1000mm 50W CO2 laser tube and it also has a strong adaptability and fast response, engraving, cutting advantages of good effect.