DY-13 100W CO2 laser power supply

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1. This 100watt laser power supply is easy to be controlled, it is suitable to High or Low level signal. The TTL level can control start or stop of laser output. While the power supply has emergency protection switch which can indicate water through and ventilation.

2. This DY-13 CO2 laser power supply has open circuit protection function. When protective earthing is good, the laser power supplycan be in open circuit status during short time. This function can protect power supply when laser tube burst.

3. Aging test:Each laser power supply must pass this test which is taken at 60 degree centigrade for 12 hours in full load status. And the power supply must start and stop at each 7 seconds for 500 times. In this way we can ensure the laser power supply is qualified.

4. This DY-13 100W CO2 laser power supply uses ordinary H/L/P/G/IN/5V interface as laser control signal and it uses blue aluminum case.

5. The laser output power of this DY13 CO2 power supply can be adjusted by 0-5V analog signal or PWM signal.

6. This DY 13 laser power supply adopts zero current and half bridge soft switch circuit, it makes the power supply have high efficiency and quick response speed. Thus it is easy to match with RECI W4 100W CO2 laser tube.