300mm PVC Orange Rubber Traffic Cone TC-PVC30R


Traffic cones are generally cone-shaped temporary road markers, which are generally used for projects, accidents to alert road users to ensure the personal safety of workers and road users, or for traffic diversions, separation or convergence of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. However, in other cases, the daily traffic separation/convergence will use the less portable “permanent” road markings/signs.


Such as zoning at construction sites, guiding the flow of people at events and festivals, separating people and vehicles in parking lots, marking and guiding players at sporting events, etc. They can be placed around aircraft on the ramp, especially engines, to remind ground crew and vehicles to avoid collisions. In addition, it can also be used upside down as a funnel or stand. Occasionally used as an ornament.

Traffic cones are typically used outdoors when road construction or other situations require a change in traffic direction or advance warning of a hazard or danger, or to prevent traffic. Traffic cones are also used to mark areas where children are playing or to cordon off an area. With its highly dense reflective sheeting in fluorescent orange and silver gray, the cone is visible from any angle and can be seen clearly day or night.


Traffic cone has good flexibility, anti-collision performance, anti-vehicle wheel impact, even if the vehicle crushed will not break, durable, several years is not easy to damage.

With the advantages of sunlight resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance and no cracking.

According to the user’s requirements made of various colors, and with highly reflective material, red eye-catching obvious during the day, white reflective material at night can reflect the dazzling light of the driver at a glance.

Additional Information:

1. Made of pvc, flexible, firmer against vehicle running over;

2. Anti-UV, fine impact, suuning and cold resisance;

3. Fluorescent orange, high visibility with two reflective tape;

4. Reasonable design, the cone can be stacked one by one.


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