Channel PVC Sheathed Rubber Cable Protective Cover


Channel Cable Protector is a rubber product similar to traffic speed bump. It is made of rubber material. In its middle there are apertures for placing cables, wires, to protect the vehicle from the top of the line plate crushed while the cable line is not affected. Usually used in or outdoor exhibition, stage performance and other activities.


LUBA Channel cable protectors are developed from industrial-grade rubber and are designed to guard more than one precious cables or hoses. The yellow lid is made of PVC (waterproof) material, these cable protectors are many times used each exterior and indoors as properly as in any climate condition.


Channel cable protectors are strong and durable, long-lasting pressure resistance, less wear and tear on the car, no noise, excellent shock absorption and pressure resistance.

The standard yellow and black production process, bright color, color distinct, obvious signs, whether in the day or night have a high degree of visibility, attracting the attention of motorists to slow down.

Particularly suitable for application in amusement parks, entertainment venues, sporting events, exhibition halls, squares use in most public places, commercial, industrial, construction of temporary emergency applications.

Quick and easy way to protect wires, cables and audio and video data lines.

Provides a safe and stable cable protector across cable trunking to continuously protect all types of cables and pedestrian safety.

Eliminate public safety hazards caused by on-site wires and cables, and maintain a neat and orderly public activity environment.

Application scope:

On aisles with automobile traffic in stages, hotels, exhibition halls, large venues, sports grounds, etc.

The ground where wiring is required in the parking lots of living communities, shopping malls and office buildings.

Places with vehicle access such as material warehouses, personnel and goods distribution areas.

Factory workshops where forklifts are often in and out.

Installation method:

1. Laying special cable protector along the path of electric wires.

2. Open the upper cover plate to put the cable into the cable protector.

3. After closing the cover of the cable channel protector, vehicles and pedestrians can pass freely.

Additional Information:

Name: Cable Protector
Model No.: CP-R01
Material: Recycled Rubber
Type: 1-channel cable protector
Color: Yellow and black
Size: 970*270*60mm
Weight: 9kg
Hole Size: 58*50mm
Packing: Woven Bag


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