50cm Custom Logo Rubber Car Wheel Stopper


Wheel stoppers are also known as wheel aligners, reversing mats, and position blockers. Wheel stopper is installed in the parking lot to reduce tire wear and tear. It is used for internal roads such as road toll gate, office buildings, hotels, parking lots, living communities, enterprises and schools that require vehicles to slow down. It can prevent the danger caused by traffic vehicles, and can reduce the vibration generated by the vehicle passing, reduce noise and improve safety. High visibility during the day or night, and the combination of black and yellow is particularly conspicuous during the day.


The rubber car wheel stopper is made by recycled rubber & plastic material that is more environment friendly with less pungent odor.


Rubber car wheel stopper for garage protect physical assets and block vehicles from coming into contact with them.

The rubber wheel stoppers are light enough to be lifted and installed by one person minimizing shipping and installation costs.

Dual garage stoppers for your vehicle feature heavy duty curb and tire construction and are made of high quality rubber material that is highly resistant to compression and resistance. Rubber wheel stoppers stay in place more perfectly than any concrete or wood parking blocks.

The car stoppers on the garage floor have integrated mounting holes for permanent installation. Bright yellow reflective safety strips are included on each parking target to improve visibility at night and provide easy parking assistance.

These garage bumpers for parking have a max load capacity of 33, 000 lbs w/ only 10 cm height in order to protect most of new cars w/ low ground clearance. Resistant to water, UV light, moisture, oil and extreme temperatures.

Car stoppers for garages can be used on asphalt, gravel, concrete and uneven surfaces. Used for cars, trucks, buses, vans, trailers, forklifts, etc. Ideal for storage or driveway parking, warehouses, commercial parking lots or shopping centers.

Installation Location:

Mainly used in parking lots and garages, to play the role of accurate, neat vehicle parking, reduce vibration and avoid collisions, etc., for underground parking, generally used in large external parking lots, community garage or underground parking, units and factories vehicle parking spaces, open-air parking spaces and other vehicle parking spaces, in order to avoid collisions between vehicles, vehicles and other items when parking vehicles.

Additional Information:

Name: Wheel Stopper
Model No.: WS-01
Material: Recycled Rubber
Size: 500 x 150 x 80mm
Weight : 2.6kg/pc
Application: Parking Lot
Packing: Woven Bag


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