Reliable And Durable Parking Equipment Rubber Wheel Chocks

Rubber Wheel Chocks
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In the vehicle has a fault or parking, in order to ensure the safety of the vehicle and to protect the vehicle does not exercise forward or backward, the wheel block pad in the wheel below, effectively play the role of stopping or forward, is the vehicle with, the road emergency repair important safety supplies.


The rubber wheel chocks is made of recycled rubber synthesized by vulcanization and high pressure, which is resistant to pressure and touch.


Lightweight yet durable enough to hold almost any vehicle or trailer in place, the rubber wheel chocks with oil and slip resistant surfaces provide superior traction.

Made of heavy-duty materials for extreme durability and long-lasting use, the wheel chocks provide great strength to serve gravity and stop potentially dangerous rolling accidents.

Partially triangular design wheel bearing block allows easy placement of the block on the wheel for improved stability.

The rubber bearing seat can be used for a variety of applications, perfect for cars, trucks, trailers, vans, RVs and more to keep your vehicle from slipping away.

Constant temperature vulcanization, strict control of the production process to fully vulcanize the molding, so that the rubber stopper more tough, the surface is clean. Exquisite technology, rubber stopper trimmed clean, the surface as one, the details of the quality can be seen.

Placement requirements:

Always make sure the bearing seat is centered and at a right angle to the tire.

Place the bearing seat firmly against the tire tread.

Always use wheel stops in pairs.

Wheel stops must be located downhill and below the vehicle’s center of gravity.

When going downhill, place the bearing blocks in front of the front wheels.

On uphill grades, place the bearing blocks behind the rear wheels.

On horizontal slopes, place the bearing housing in front of and behind the individual wheels.