X(S)N-20×32 Rubber Kneader

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1. Under the hermetically closed, pressure and temperature controllableconditions, the rubber/plastics and other accessory ingredients can be successfully kneaded or plasticated width the characteristics of high production efficiency, homodispersion of materials, good quality, no contamination to environment, convenience for the processes of material change, color change and cleaning.

2. The mixing chamber, rotor and float weight and other parts are all adopting jacketed structure for the availability of ingoing of media, steam, conducting oil and water for heating and cooling so as to suit the various requirements for the process of rubber mixing or plastics plasticating and to ensure the processed quality of materials good and stable.

3. The spiral angle and the working length of the wing of the rotors are designed intelligently and reasonably and they can make the materials obtaining an optimal kneading effect, The wings ridges and the end surfaces of the rotor are bead welded with the abrasion resistant sintered carbide and the faying surfaces of mixing chamber, rotor and pressing weight directly touching width the materials are all polished, ground and plated width hard chromium and consequently the surfaces are smooth and bright as well as corrosion resistant.

4. The materials can be charged from the rear door(or the side)of the machine frame and turn forward the mixing chamber in 140~ for discharging the materials and in doing so, it will be either convenient for the linkage of the first and second working procedure of the production flow or for the convenience of the observation and cleaning of the mixing chamber and rotor.

5. At the joint between the top of mixing chamber and the cantilevered arm of the frame adopt am-shaped plate-groove labyrinth type sealing and the sealing dust prevention effect is very good .The end face of rotor is sealed by end contact sealing with external pressure type non-lubricating sealing and it is abrasion resistant and durable.

6. The turning mechanism adopts the enveloping worm pair(TOP) and it produces a high driving coefficient of performance and high bearing strength and, in addition the discharging of materials with no shutdown can be carried out successfully so that it avoids the frequent starting up of the motor and consequently it prolongs the service life of it to a large extent.

7. The electric-control system adopts PLC device and it possesses of a perfect and reliable automatically-controlled monitoring and alarming function as well as the necessary interlocking protective function.

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