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With a clear EU focus and a strong regional position, Turkey is playing an increasingly important role in its surrounding area and beyond. A booming country with GDP growing at an average of over 5% for the last decade or more, Turkey represents one of the great business opportunities in world trade today.

Turkey’s rapidly expanding economy, political and economic stability, and the possibility of EU membership continues to attract the attention of a variety of international companies.

Turkey’s financial sector is stronger than that of many other countries, due in part to a series of reforms in the wake of the 2001 financial crisis which left Turkish banks better leveraged than many of their U.S. and European counterparts.

Across many sectors, exporters have excellent immediate and medium-term prospects in this diverse market.

The Yavizing in Turkey has identified a number of market opportunities, for international businesses and continues to work with companies to enter the Turkish market, expand market share, or jointly enter third country markets. Turkey is the commercial hub of the region, and companies should consider using Turkish partners to access business opportunities throughout Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Middle East and even Africa. Turkish partners know these neighbouring markets well.

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